Monday, July 27, 2009

The Super-Heroine Monologues

I love my life in the theater. Well, in the wings, actually. Recently, I got an e-mail from Greg Maraio, an actor and director whom I had photographed for the Zeitgeist Stage Company. He was directing a new show and needed some publicity photos for it. I'm always up for helping out theater groups. I remember when I produced (along with the co-writers) our musical, The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special, and help came from surprising places and was always welcome. You really have to love the theater to produce a show, that much I can say.

Anyway, when Greg and the cast came over to the studio for the shoot, I was blown away by the costumes. They were amazing. I've included some of them here. Greg designed and made them himself. They really capture the look and spirit of the characters. Here, well, you'll know all of them except for maybe Storm, unless you're at Comic-Con right now.

The show runs September 10 through the 26th at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Fashion Boston

Is two weeks too long between entries? Is a week on the Cape a good excuse? I was happy to return to find the new issue of Fashion Boston in my mail. Working with FB is always a good time. Alex Hall, the editor, is like a real fashion editor, gorgeous and a little larger than life. She brings a high energy to the set, great talent and a gaggle of cute assistants. I might almost think I was working in New York. 

This is the Summer Fun Issue and the challenge was to say warm weather while working in the studio. I used a large scrim as the backdrop, lighting it from behind, and letting the light wrap around the models. This gave them a lot of freedom to move and I really like the way the light comes softly from behind.