Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miami Beach, 1993

The blog thing kinds of gets away from me at times. How much to put on? How mercenary should I be? Creative? Old? New? Josh Campbell, who I work with, is doing a bang-up job on his blog, featuring old and new work, including his "Film Fridays," where he showcases older work he shot in film. Remember film? Anyway, he's the inspiration for posting these four images, all shot on film.

This lovely lady is Cele Stein, mother of my friend Bea. Years ago, when Bea had told me her mother was modeling clothes at a Miami Beach hotel poolside (at around 70 years old I think), I jumped at the chance to photograph her . I went in with a sort of a Diane Arbus feeling in mind, but I don't think these photos went in that direction. Cele is way too sweet and she was having too much fun modeling (and being photographed).

I recently went back to the negatives to finally make prints for Bea (I know, I know, it was years later) and looked at them in a fresh light. They appealed to me on different levels then they had originally. I mean, she's stylin' and I'm happy to have documented her.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Industrial Design?

My friends and neighbors, Megan and Dominic, came over last week for a one-week-before-due-date pregnancy photo. Megan has never looked more radiant. Dominic is an industrial designer and art directed this abstract take on Megan. I think the top photo remains true to Dominic's clean and modern esthetic in all he helps create!